We Never Surrender

by Death Signals

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First album of the band released on July 25, 2015, "We Never Surrender" is an album that marks the difference and evolution of the band before called War Sounds


released July 25, 2015



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Death Signals Mexico City, Mexico


Is a Mexico City based band formed on July 14th, 2014 with only two members G-Soul and Kz, on October 25th of that year.

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Track Name: Señales de Muerte
Sientes un frío invadiendo tu piel,
llegado el momento ya no hay nada que hacer
las fuerzas se van y ya no regresarán,
estás en sangre bañado en el suelo agonizando.

Es el principio de tu final,
todo lo que eras se ha quedado atrás,
tu tiempo termina, tu cuerpo se oxida
ya no hay alternativa tu muerte se aproxima.

Cada segundo siento menos latidos,
estoy confundido ,siento un gran vacío
no puedo moverme, el cuerpo se me adormece
mi sangre se riega y esta no se detiene,
noté tu presencia y pude darme cuenta
que a cada segundo tú estabas más cerca
pues era mi alma lo que reclamabas
tú eras un ente, tú eras la muerte.

Nadie en el mundo se encuentra seguro,
pues soy el verdugo de malos y justos,
no importa tu credo ni tu clase social,
pues un día tu vida llegará a su final.
Track Name: Union Revolución
Lucha sin parar,
este no es el final
Pues estamos aquí y podemos seguir,
ven ven sígueme vamos a ir
a luchar como hermanos
juntos hasta el fin
lucharemos como hermanos
juntos hasta el fin.

Aunque el camino es difícil
estaremos junto a ti,
nadie podrá detener
lo que tú puedes creer.

Más allá de la muerte y el dolor
existe algo que es el valor,
no estás sólo entiéndelo
vamos juntos por ellos,
tú y yo hermano vamos por ellos.

Sé que este camino es difícil,
pero quiero estar aquí,
nadie logrará detener
lo que queremos creer.

Aquí estoy junto contigo
cambiando el mundo casi perdido,
no importa ya la victoria
se encuentra cerca revolución perpetua,
revolución anti tiranía.
Track Name: Killer Machines
The war is about to begin
takes the control over machines
This is a figth for survival
takes the lead and beat your rival

This battle will not be easy
metallic bodies created to kill
Intelligence againts technologie

There is not going back
get ready for the attack
if is time to die
we will figth until die

Mangled bodies
their broken dreams
Save your energy
fitgh without fear
Track Name: Deep Instincts
Look at my eyes
and tell me what you see
the man who used to be ceased to exist
do not try to reason with me
get out of here if you want live

I made up my mine
you are my next prey
i will desecrate your body
everytime i'm closer to you
i will take you and will hurt you

Do not try to reason with me
get out of here if you want live
do not try to reason with me
you are in danger of dying

Your body will fall
into this hands
That did make you cry
you have not chance
now you are mine and you can't scape from me.
Track Name: Nemesis
I will destroy you son of a bitch,
don't want i know you i don't give a shit
I hope you are ready to lose your life.
because i'm ready to see you die
to se you die

Come here, face me
son of a bitch
Try to hit me
i don't give a shit (x2)
Track Name: Nuclear Weapons
All you know is about to be destroyed,
the world will disappear,
All forms of life become extinct.
Many wars
have caused destruction and death,
they have feel us with pain and blood.

I can see in the sky,
fly a plane,
ready to attack,
all that exist,
will disappear,
all going to die,
you'll not survive.

I can see in the sky,
fly a plane,
ready to attack,
all that exist,
will disappear,
all going to die,
it's a nuclear attack.
Track Name: En El Infierno
Cuando en mi lecho de muerte esté
de ti me acordaré.
Tú quizá ya no te acuerdes de mi,
mis días han llegado a su fin.

Tus recuerdos nunca se irán,
en mi mente siempre vivirán,
estoy seguro te volveré a ver
en el infierno te esperaré.

Me había negado y no quise mirar
pero ahora es tarde ya,
solo espero me puedas perdonar,
el corazón me deja de palpitar.

Al morir me gustaría creer
que en la muerte te volveré a ver.
Se que he pecado y tú también,
en el infierno te esperare.

Ya no puedo más
no lo voy a negar
siempre te voy a amar,
en el infierno te voy a esperar,
donde nuestro amor renacerá.
Track Name: The Game
Time is up theres not alternative,
you got a kill to live.
You can run but you have to figth,
stain your hands with blood.

Figth for glory,
for your freedom,
wins the combat,
Breackout your prison.
Track Name: We Never Surrender
Violence, blood and fear
you can smell in this tainted world.
Hard to see the reality
and realize that in life you're alone.
Sometimes we live of memories
memories that keep us from growing.

mankind is sunk in the fear,
they are to blame for their own failure and pain
but you and i make the difference
because we are strong,
we never surrender (x2)

Maybe this world is a piece of shit,
but there is always a reason to move foward.
Follow what your hearth beat dictates
if everything looks bad you must succeed
raises your voice and don't let yourself be defeated

mankind is sunk in the fear
they are to blame for their own failure and pain
but you and i make the difference
because we are strong
we never surrender (x2)